(Luft) TAI Kaan (TF-X)
Zitat:The TAI KAAN – Turkiye’s 5th Gen Fighter – How does it stack up?

First of all, a little digression. How come Turkiye is developing, and flying a prototype 5th Gen Fighter? This is a valid question, given that the US, while they would probably claim to have the only true 5th Gen combat aircraft, appears up to this point only to have competition in this field from the Russians and the Chinese, along with an experimental demonstrator from Japan. The Europeans have largely met their current needs with the very capable, but not Low Observable (LO), Rafale and Typhoon, and are debating how to jump to a Gen 6 product in competing international project proposals.

Meanwhile, Turkiye has been embarked on a decades-long quest to develop a national aerospace industry capable of developing and integrating high technology combat aircraft, remotely piloted and autonomous systems, weapons, and the necessary sensors and systems, and able to integrate these into a significant locally developed and produced Defence capability.

Mit dem Helmsystem Tulgar das eigens für den TF-X Kaan entwickelt wird werden bereits Tests an F-16 durchgeführt.


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