(Land) ARMATA Plattform (T-14, T-15, PzH)
Und ein neuer Film zum T-14:

Wintertraining mit dem T-14:

Ein paar sehr gute Bilder von der aktuellen Parade:


https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-43.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-44.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-45.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-46.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-47.jpg

T-14 Kampfpanzer:

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-18.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-19.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-20.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-21.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-22.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-23.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-24.jpg

https://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/Apri ... 416-25.jpg
Zitat:Russia might be Developing a Nuclear Tank Round for New Version of the T-14 Armata

Russia might have begun work on developing a 152 mm nuclear tank shell to be fired from a future version of the T-14 Armata main battle tank (MBT), according to some U.S. weapons experts. [...] This "nuclear tank" and its new 152 mm main gun are one of the end products on Russian advances in low-fission, high-fusion, sub-kiloton tactical nuclear technology.

The Russians are expending significant resources to miniaturize nuclear warheads that arm their ballistic missiles and develop sub-kiloton low-yield warheads. The Russians have announced the next iteration of the T-14 will be armed with 152 mm gun-missile launcher.

The new nuclear tank round might also overcome the hesitation of top Russian generals to field a 152 mm gun they consider a liability on the battlefield due to its heavy weight; its cumbersome and large ammunition and its low rate of fire. [...] The 2A83 smoothbore 152 mm gun-missile launcher is being considered for the next Armata iteration -- if this makes it to the factory floor and if the battered Russian economy can afford it.

Russland: Eine friedliebende Nation, die Nato-Präsenz an der russischen Grenze ist Kriegstreiberei.
Ja ne ist klar...Hust
Die Produktion des T 14 Armata wird nach 100 Exemplaren eingestellt.
Keine Serienproduktion von Armata und Kurganetz?


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