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Zitat:STM to Lead Turkish Navy’s Gür-Class Submarine Modernisation Programme
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STM will conduct the Mid-Life Modernisation of the Gür-Class Submarines (Type-209/1400) in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces.
With a press release today, STM announced that critical navigation, mechanical and communication systems on board the Gür-Class Submarines will be modernised with modern national capabilities, thus extending their service life.

Under the leadership of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. continues to take critical tasks in the modernisation of the Navy’s submarines – as one of the vital strike power of the Turkish Armed Forces.

As the backbone of the Submarine Command, an important milestone has been reached in the Preveze and Gür-Class submarine (Type 209/1400) programmes. A Contract Amendment adding operations related to the Gür-Class Submarine Mid-Life Modernisation Program to the content of the Preveze-Class Submarine Mid-Life Modernisation Program was signed between the STM-ASELSAN-ASFAT-HAVELSAN Joint Venture (JV) and the SSB on 17 January 2024.

Anscheinend plant man den Bau eines Flugzeugträgers (also keines Drohnenträgers wie die Anadolu). Im Gespräch ist wohl ein Schiff von 285 m Länge und rund 60.000 ts, also etwa im Bereich der Queen-Elizabeth-Klasse...
Zitat:Design of the Turkish Aircraft Carrier Unveiled

The future ship, as expected, is significantly larger than TCG ANADOLU LHD at 285 m length and 60000 tonnes displacement. The officials have stated that the new ship will be larger to accommodate more aircraft.

What aircraft type will be used hasn't been disclosed, but a few KAAN fighter jets can be observed on the deck. [...] It is stated that the operation type of aircraft will be Short Takeoff But Arrested Landing (STOBAR), used on Russian, Indian and early Chinese aircraft carriers. Instead of the catapult-assisted takeoff, this method is simpler and cheaper as a partially up-curved runway is used instead of a catapult. [...] A Combined Gas Turbine and Gas Turbine (COGAG) propulsion system will be used to provide a speed of 25 knots. Another case of Turkiye's use of COGAG propulsion on a large-sized warship is the DİMDEG logistic support ships. The design goal can explain why all-turbine propulsion must have the large-sized ships keep up with their escorts.

Ich frage mich nur, was die Theorie dahinter ist? Alleine für das östliche Mittelmeer oder das Schwarze Meer wäre das völlig überzeichnet und rausgeworfenes Geld, ein "weißer Elefant" von eingeschränktem Nutzen. Also wäre die Frage, welche Aufgabenfelder das Schiff wo übernehmen soll?

(20.02.2024, 13:24)Schneemann schrieb: ... Also wäre die Frage, welche Aufgabenfelder das Schiff wo übernehmen soll?

Das Ego von Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spazieren zufahren, da ist die Größe gerade ausreichend.

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