Streitkräfte der USA - allg. Sammelthread
Neuer kurzer Film über den Defiant-X:|aircraft_-_rotary_wing|rms_-_defiant|rms_-_sikorsky|rms_-_future_vertical_lift&utm_content=video&linkId=100000039510705

Zitat:The Right Weapon System for the Next 50 years of Multi-Domain Operations
Utility helicopters like the U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) fly low and fast, land quickly, deliver Soldiers to the X and get out — all while evading the enemy in complex terrain. Sikorsky and partner Boeing have created an agile, maneuverable weapon system that flies twice as far and twice as fast as the Black Hawk — and fits in the same operational footprint. Combined with Sikorsky-Boeing’s unsurpassed experience in mission systems, training and sustainment, DEFIANT X will revolutionize the way the Army meets threats in 2035 and beyond. DEFIANT X is the best solution for the Army’s mission today, and the only solution able to adapt to the threats of tomorrow.
Ein Animations-Film darüber wie sich die US Army ihre Infantry-Brigade-Combat-Teams im Jahr 2028 vorstellt:

Zitat:This visualization shows the capabilities of the IBCT to execute Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) while utilizing a variety of War Fighting Functions that are allocated to it’s formation. The video will serve as a condensed O&O, illustrating the capability of the current and future (2028 – 2035) IBCT to execute MDO in a contested, increasingly complex operational environment.

Viel zu konventionell und es stellt sich die Frage was ein IBCT hier irgendwie besser machen soll als ein Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

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