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Zitat:TEI TS1400 Turboshaft Breaks New Power Record
28 Jun 2024, 12:34 2 mins

Engine and Transmission
TEI TS1400 Turboshaft Breaks New Power Record
In the latest endurance tests, the TUSAS Engine Industry’s (TEI) TS1400 turboshaft engine reached 1740 shp emergency power, setting a new record. Within the scope of EASA certification, TS1400 has completed EASA CS-E 740, an endurance test involving six hours of wear-down 15 times consecutively.

Following the endurance test, the engine was tested in a one-engine inoperative scenario where the helicopter needed to be able to make an emergency landing on one engine. In the emergency test, Turkiye’s first Indigenous turboshaft engine reached 1740 shp emergency power, previously stated as 1660 shp. TS1400’s continuous power rating is 1400 shp, which is also likely to increase over time, like the emergency power.


Der saudische Verteidigungsminister Khalid bin Salman al Saud hat das Baykar Technolgiecenter besucht. Evtl. Besteht seitens Saudi Arabiens Interesse an der Kizilelma Drohne. Über die kommenden Jahre soll die saudische Luftwaffe 60 Akinci UCAV erhalten, die unter einem Tech Transfer Abkommen in Saudi Arabien gefertigt werden. Die Kizilelma wäre sozusagen das Sahnehäubchen wenn Saudi Arabien die Drohne beschafft.

Zitat:ASELSAN Signs E/W Contract with SSB
03 Jul 2024, 01:44 1 min

ASELSAN Signs E/W Contract with SSB
ASELSAN informed KAP that it signed an agreement with the Secretariat of Defence Industries (SSB) regarding Electronic Warfare Systems. ASELSAN informed the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) that it signed an agreement with the Secretariat of Defence Industries (SSB) regarding Electronic Warfare Systems. ASELSAN made the following statement: “An agreement regarding Electronic Warfare Systems has been signed between ASELSAN and Presidency of The Republic of Türkiye Secretariat of Defence Industries valuing USD 109.700.953,-.”


Ergänzend zu meinem vorherigen Post, die Saudis sind an zwei wichtigen strategischen Projekten der Türkei interessiert, der Kizilelma Drohne und dem Jagdflugzeug Kaan.
Zitat:Is the New KIZILELMA Prototype a Supersonic one?
05 Jul 2024, 04:52 2 mins

Unmanned Systems
Is the New KIZILELMA Prototype a Supersonic one?
KIZILELMA’s new prototype was spotted during Saudi officials’ visit to Baykar. Some changes hint that this prototype might be designed to fly supersonic. The new prototype contains a wide array of design changes.

These include control surfaces and fuselage on the external side and, most likely, internal systems. On the control surfaces, the flap arrangement is observed to be remade with two flaps instead of five on the wings.

The vertical stabilisers have become larger and angled more uniformly with the fuselage’s sides. The lower number of flaps might have been preferred to simplify the flight control. More importantly, the actuators for flaps and vertical stabilisers have been concealed, improving aerodynamics and reducing the radar cross section (RCS). The fuselage’s backside is noticeably different from the first prototype, with a slant towards the rear end that will likely improve the aerodynamics. Additionally, enlarged intakes hint at the arrival of an AI-322F after-burning turbofan engine with a maximum thrust of 44 kN on the afterburner.

Zitat:ASELSAN’s PUHU-3LT EW System Ready for Service
07 Jul 2024, 11:25 1 min

ASELSAN’s PUHU-3LT EW System Ready for Service
ASELSAN announced that it is ready to deliver PUHU-3LT mobile electronic support systems onboard trucks and armoured vehicles. The PUHU-3LT systems were seen onboard BMC 4x4 tactical trucks and one ARMA 6x6 armoured vehicle. PUHU-3LT’s integration on ARMA 6x6 might mean that the car is entering the Turkish Armed Forces service for the first time.

However, it might be a prototype for evaluation as well. PUHU-3LT, formerly named SÖKMEN, is ASELSAN’s ground-based electronic support system to provide situational awareness in the field. The system can perform high-speed spectrum search, direction finding, and geo-location against V/UHF frequency utilised by communication systems.

Zitat:STM Exports BOYGA UAV for the First Time
09 Jul 2024, 10:01 3 mins

Unmanned Systems
STM Exports BOYGA UAV for the First Time
STM’s BOYGA UAV is exported to an undisclosed customer. The UAV carries the ammunition to the target area and drops on it. The ammunition-dropping UAV BOYGA, Autonomous Multi-Rotor Combat UAS with Mortar Payload developed by the STM, plays an active role in the fight against terrorism.

The contract for the first export of BOYGA has been concluded with an undisclosed African country, and deliveries are scheduled for completion in 2024. Since being added to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) inventory in 2022, BOYGA has been actively involved in the fight against terrorism, cross-border operations and international exercises, most recently, the EFES-2024 Exercise, during which it hit the designated targets with pinpoint accuracy.


Zitat:Turkish Scientists Develop Highly Heat-Resistant Composite
09 Jul 2024, 05:19 2 mins

Turkish Scientists Develop Highly Heat-Resistant Composite
Turkish scientists from Malatya İnönü University have developed a composite material with extreme resistance to heat to protect against laser weapons. The scientists, Yeliz Toptaş and Murat Toptaş have stated to İhlas News Agency that the material can resist temperatures of 2600 degrees Celsius, which is on par with ablative coatings used in re-entry vehicles that are exposed to extreme heat due to high speeds. Laser weapons’ principle of target destruction is heating a point to extreme temperatures until the target loses its operational capability.

Zitat:Fliegt die türkische Stealth-Drohne bald Überschall?

In einer Halle des Istanbuler Drohnenspezialisten Baykar sorgte jüngst bei einem Pressetermin ein neuer Prototyp der türkischen Jet-Drohne Kızılelma für Aufsehen. Er präsentiert sich gegenüber dem Erstling merklich verändert. Fällt für Kızılelma bald die Schallmauer?

Patrick Zwerger
Neue türkische Stealth-Drohne Baykar Kizilelma
Foto: Baykar Technologies
14 Bilder

In seinem Hauptquartier am Stadtrand von Istanbul empfing Drohnenhersteller Baykar Technologies vor Kurzem eine hochrangige Delegation aus Saudi-Arabien. Interessanter als der Besuch selbst war für Außenstehende aber das, was auf dem obligatorischen Abschluss-Gruppenfoto im Hintergrund zu sehen war. Besucher und Gastgeber hatten sich nämlich vor mehreren Baykar-Drohnen aufgereiht – unter anderem einer zweimotorigen Akinci, deren Dienste sich Saudi-Arabien bereits gesichert hat, und einem Exemplar der neuen Stealth-Jet-Drohne Kızılelma ("roter Apfel").

Zitat:Hürjet Tests Transonic Speeds for The Supersonic Phase
11 Jul 2024, 09:23 2 mins

Air Expo and Air Show
Hürjet Tests Transonic Speeds for The Supersonic Phase
Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ)’s Hürjet advanced trainer and light combat aircraft prototype has reached a speed of Mach 0.9 at an altitude of 30000 ft. With Hürjet being developed for a maximum speed of Mach 1.4, the test is closer to the supersonic regime than the others, marking another milestone.

The speed specified translates to a speed of 272.8 m/s, considering that the speed of sound at 30000 ft is 303 m/s, lower than sea level at 340 m/s. Mach 0.9 is considered transonic speed in many cases where there is a drastic drag increase until the aircraft reaches the speed of sound. The lower air density at said altitude (2.67 times less than sea level) also causes performance losses. The flight test serves as a verification for Hürjet’s aerodynamic optimisations required to go through the transonic regime and eventually reach the supersonic speeds. Thus, the advanced trainer can be expected to achieve supersonic speeds in the next tests.

Zitat:SSB and Meteksan Sign the 'SAS' Project Contract
14 Jul 2024, 08:29 2 mins

Navy / Maritime Sensors
SSB and Meteksan Sign the 'SAS' Project Contract
The Secretariat of Defence Industries (SSB) and Meteksan signed a project contract to develop the Underwater Synthetic Aperture Imaging Capability (SAS). The contract aims to develop the National Synthetic Aperture Sonar (MİLSAS) system for military and civilian use. MİLSAS will enable high-resolution underwater image acquisition with its innovative sensor technology and signal processing algorithms.

Meteksan will develop the MILSAS in cooperation with Bilkent, Yıldırım Beyazıt and Gebze Technical Universities. It is planned to be completed in 2026 and enter the inventory at the beginning of 2027 following acceptance tests. Meteksan General Manager Adil Baktır made a statement within the scope of the signed SAS Project.

Zitat:Turkish Defence Products on Display in TRNC
20 Jul 2024, 07:01 2 mins

Expo and Air Show
Turkish Defence Products on Display in TRNC
16 Turkish defence firms are displaying their products in the TRNC as part of the 50th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation. ROKETSAN is among the participants, which displays its various munitions. Some include the SOM cruise missile, ATMACA anti-ship missile, HİSAR-O+ medium-range air defence missile, and UAV-230 aero-ballistic missile. AKINCI UCAV from Baykar; T625 GÖKBEY helicopter and ANKA-3 UCAV from TUSAŞ; PD170 turbo-diesel aircraft engine from TEI; and ASELSAN’s radar products, like ALP-300G early warning radar, are also being displayed in the same hall, as reported by TRT Avaz.

The display of Turkish defence products in TRNC is important as most state-owned defence firms were established following the Cyprus Peace Operation. Some of the driving reasons for their establishment can be the experience gained during the operations. Turkiye sank its own vessel, TCG Kocatepe (D-354), with a friend fire due to the lack of reliable communication and ISR. The United States introduced an arms embargo on Turkiye. Turkiye decided to own its defence industry, and the exhibition shows the progress of the cause today in the place where it sprouted.


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