Textron Scorpion
Erste Waffentests mit Scorpion (Flugrevue)
Will den denn keiner haben? Es geht doch vorwärts.

Das könnte eventuell Bewegung in die Sache bringen:
Zitat:In a white paper published Monday, McCain, the Republican leader of the Senate Armed Services Committee, proposed procuring 300 inexpensive, off-the-shelf fighter aircraft, 200 of which could be acquired by fiscal 2022. “The Air Force should embrace a 'high/low mix' of fighter aircraft. Very expensive fifth-generation technology is not needed in every scenario,” McCain wrote in the paper. If the Air Force purchased additional planes to supplement its current inventory, “these aircraft could conduct counterterrorism operations, perform close air support and other missions in permissive environments, and help to season pilots to mitigate the Air Force’s fighter pilot shortfall.”
Defense News

Ist zwar grundsätzlich kein neuer Gedankengang, aber da er jetzt auch im Weißbuch des US-Kongresses auftaucht, hat er wohl doch eine andere Qualität als bisher.

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