Polnische Armee
Interessant in diesem Kontext ist, dass die Polen einen eigenen unbemannte leichten Turm für Radpanzer entwickelt haben den sie auf ihre Rosomak pflanzen wollen. Ob der auch auf diesen neuen Raddpanzer passen würde?

http://www.miltechmag.com/2014/09/mspo- ... icles.html
ein Video
Militärparade: Polen präsentiert stolz die Stärke seiner Armee
http://www.welt.de/videos/article145265 ... Armee.html
"Putin mit Aggressiver Militär Show"
Wie die Wortwahl sich ändert. Wird nicht ein deutsches Jäger Battalion in die polnische Armee integriert?
Diverses über polnische Rüstungsprojekte,

http://www.armyrecognition.com/mspo_201 ... /index.php

http://www.defence24.pl/254472,mspo-201 ... -odslonach

besonders interessant ist der ROSOMAK mit XC8 Turm, insbesondere aufgrund des immens guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis und der Fähigkeiten (hohe Elevation der Kanone, Steilfeuer NLOS möglich usw)

http://www.armyrecognition.com/images/s ... 40_001.jpg

http://www.armyrecognition.com/mspo_201 ... 09152.html

Zitat:The Polish army has showed the interest of a new fire support vehicle based on the Rosomak 8x8 armoured vehicle which is the standard wheeled armoured vehicle uses by the Polish Armed Forces. With this type of vehicle, the Polish army will have an high mobility vehicle with fire power of a main battle tank.

The Cockerill 105mm high pressure gun provides commanders with a wide choice of ammunition to suit the tactical situation; it fires all NATO-standard 105mm types and the Falarick 105 Gun Launched Anti Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM). Elevating to +42° this weapon delivers exceptional engagement capability in complex terrain, an indirect-fire HE capability to 10km range, and the GLATGM permits heavy armour to be enagaged at extended ranges.

The Cockerill 120mm high pressure gun provides a strengthened anti-armour capability. This weapon fires all NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore ammunition and the Falarick 120 GLATGM, which permits the effective engagement and penetration of heavy armour to beyond 5km range.

Both guns are employed using a common high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system. Turret weight is kept low through the use of a bustle-mounted autoloader, which permits a two-person crew. The Cockerill XC-8 concept-turret draws on the proven modular technology of the Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret and may be realised at low risk.
The Cockerill XC-8 concept-turret promises a significant advance in terms of medium-weight direct-fire capability. The combination of highly effective and flexible lethality options with outstanding strategic and tactical mobility, opens up a new range of operational possibilities
Polen kauft 1000 weitere Hochleistungs-PALR ein:

http://www.janes.com/article/56770/pola ... e-lr-atgms

Zitat:Poland orders 1,000 more Spike-LR ATGMs

Zitat:Poland has placed a PLN602 million (USD152 million) order for extra Rafael Spike-LR (long-range) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

Signed on 17 December, the contract covers the delivery of 1,000 missiles, manufactured under license by ZM Mesko in Poland.

The first 100 missiles will be delivered to Polish Land Forces in 2017, with 300 following in 2018, 300 in 2019, and the final 300 in 2020.
Polen modernisiert seine Kampfpanzer vom Typ Leopard 2A4:
http://www.janes.com/article/56972/pola ... ttle-tanks
Zitat:Poland orders 128 upgraded Leopard 2PL main battle tanks

Poland has signed a PLN2.415 billion (USD605.7 million) contract to upgrade its 128 Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBTs) to a new standard called Leopard 2PL.

The contract was awarded to prime contractor Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) and integrator ZM Bumar-Labedy by the Polish Armament Inspectorate on 28 December. Rheinmetall Landsyteme will work with PGZ as strategic partner on the programme.
Film über die polnische Armee:

Die Paranoia des neuen polnischen Verteidigungsministers hat nahezu jeden vierten(!) General des polnischen Generalstabs dazu veranlasst zurückzutreten:
http://warisboring.com/articles/warsaws ... -ted-cruz/
Zitat:Warsaw’s Generals Are Fed Up With Poland’s Ted Cruz

Five senior Polish generals resigned this month in a major and abrupt shakeup along NATO’s eastern flank. That is nearly a quarter of Poland’s general staff, according to the Gazeta newspaper. It may be the biggest shakeup of the country’s senior military leadership since the end of the Cold War.

Wieder mal ein Beispiel dafür, wie sehr die Einmischung der Politik die Einsatzbereitschaft der Streitkräfte schädigen kann.
Meiner Meinung nach gibt es da keine Axiome: es kann auch umgekehrt die Einmischung von Externen für das Militär hervorragend sein und die Einmischung der Politik die Einsatzbereitschaft der Streitkräfte deutlich erhöhen. Das ist nur eine Frage der Umstände - beides ist gleichermaßen möglich.


http://www.defensenews.com/story/defens ... /81821030/

Zitat:The Polish government is planning to spend up to 80 billion zloty (US $21 billion) to replace its military’s Soviet-designed BWP-1 and BWP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) with new tracked vehicles, Deputy Defense Minister Bartosz Kownacki told local news agency PAP.

“This is a major undertaking for the next dozen years which, according to various estimates, will generate a cost of between 20 and 80 billion zloty if we decide to acquire two types of infantry fighting vehicles, lighter and heavier units,” Kownacki said.

According to the deputy defense minister, the government is considering various partnerships on the project. This includes launching a joint procurement with the neighboring Czech Republic, as well as using the license for South Korea’s K9 chassis, which was acquired by Polish manufacturer Huta Stalowa Wola for its ASM Krab 155mm self-propelled howitzer.

The BWP-1 and BWP-2 are locally built variants of the Soviet BMP-1 and BMP-2 vehicles. Currently, the Polish land forces operate more than 1,000 units of the two IFVs.

Poland has intensified efforts to replace its predominantly Soviet-designed military gear following Moscow’s intervention in neighboring Ukraine and Russia’s takeover of the Crimean peninsula.

Gerüchten zufolge ist man auch am K-21 der Südkoreaner für einen Lizenzbau interessiert.
Quintus Fabius schrieb:Gerüchten zufolge ist man auch am K-21 der Südkoreaner für einen Lizenzbau interessiert.
Wenn sie klever sind, werden sie bei dem und nich bei uns zuschlagen...
Wenn wir clever wären, würden wir Polen dazu bringen bei uns einzukaufen und schon würde der Preis des PUMA deutlich fallen und das System damit auch im Vergleich mit anderen IFV interessanter werden.
Ein neuer polnischer Schützenpanzer wurde jetzt vorgestellt:

http://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.d ... k-ifv.html

Zitat: First rendering from OBRUM's Borsuk IFV design released
A computer-generated rendering of the current stage of the Borsuk infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) development has been released by the Polish state-owned OBRUM. The Borsuk will replace the BWP-1, which happens to be the local designation for the Soviet BMP-1.

Zitat:The vehicle is fitted with the ZSSW-30 turret from HSW. This is equipped with a Mk 44 Bushmaster II autocannon from Alliant Techsystems (ATK), a dual-missile launcher (probably designed for Spike-LR, which is already operational with the Polish Army), two banks of four smoke grenade launchers each, an independent commander's sight located on the roof and the GOC-1 Nike gunner's sight from the Polish company PCO on the left of the gun (hidden behind an armored cover when not in use). A co-axial UKM-2000C machine gun is also installed.
The Mk 44 Bushmaster II gun is an electrical driven chain gun, usually chambered in 30 x 173 mm. There is however an option to swap barrels for a 40 x 180 mm "Super Forty" supershot round with enhanced penetration (by 30% according to older presentations from the development) and payload.

Zitat:The GOC-1 Nike sight for the gunner incorporates a Polish thermal imager, a set of color cameras and an eyesafe laserrangefinder. The commander is provided with a GOD-1 Iris sight from PCO, incorporating a thermal imager, a daylight camera and a laser rangefinder. The Janus sight is also protected by an armored cover at the sides and rear.
The turret has been criticized by Polish defence magazines due to ATK Bushmaster II gun is incompatible with programmable ammunition from other manufacturers (such as Rheinmetall) and the Spike missile integration being still work-in-progress.

The vehicle in this configurations will be rather light and is meant to be amphibious. Indicators for this are the rubber band tracks and the water blades. Unlike on most amphibious vehicles, the splash guard seems to be mounted at the lower hull front and probably will be elevated before amphibious operations. The drivetrain includes six roadwheels and two return rollers per side. Like most IFVs the Borsuk will have a front mounted engine.

Zitat:The current configuration of the Borsuk hull is a lot less than ideal. The driver is only provided with one single sight block, while the commander has two smaller sight blocks. Aside of the gunner's sight in the ZSSW-30 turret, the gunner has no other means of observation. This means that the visibility for the driver, commander and gunner is limited; specifically the driver seems to have an unnecessarily small field of view. While cameras and digitial optronics (like the gunner's and commander's sight) can increase the visibility, the problem withsuch optics is that they are not fail proof (once the power delivery is gone, they won't work) and easier to damage than conventional armor glass/transparent ceramic vision blocks.
Poland set to order 96 Rak 120 mm mortar vehicles

http://www.janes.com/article/59371/pola ... r-vehicles

Genauso hätte ich mir das für den Boxer vorgestellt
Polen scheint sich für den AH-64 Apache als Kampfhubschrauber entschieden zu haben. 24 Maschinen sollen beschafft werden. Wahrscheinlich wird die Beschaffungsentscheidung im Vorfeld des diesjährigen NATO-gipfeltreffens in Warschau bekanntgegeben.

Wenn wir irgendwie intelligent agieren würden, hätten wir Polen für einen unschlagbaren Vorzugspreis unsere Tiger-Hubschrauber andrehen können. Damit wären mal wenigstens die los gewesen.

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